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October 23, 2012

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, or you’re a 60+ year old man, by now you’ve heard of Pinterest.  It’s the newest better-than-sliced-bread phenom.  Whenever I’m lacking inspiration or want a new project/recipe/clothing style or just to blow a few minutes at work (SHHHH) I log onto Pinterest. I’m telling you, it’s a never fail situation. Except for yesterday when the server was down.

But that one wasn’t my fault.

…Anyway, lately I’ve been searching all things decorating! I don’t know what it is but lately I’ve become OBSESSED with all things-

HGTV! I’m telling you-this obscure NEVER-before-my-24th-birthday-watched channel is now almost always on.  I’m told it’ a sign you’re getting old when things like DIY projects and paint color are fascinating to you but, I’m denying any truth to that.  But I mean come ON, who doesnt love a good fall themed table-scape?

Other than tablescapes, I’ve also been obsessed with all things fall lately! Ever since I was little it’s been my favorite holiday by FAR. Winters in Maine were far too harsh, Spring…what’s Spring?! And Summer was all about dodging tourist traffic and construction.  Fall is the best for a thousand reasons. Football, leaves, crisp air, scarves, sweata-weatha, layering! I mean come on…who doesn’t love fall?

Ahhhh gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling doesn’t it? If you want to kick it up a notch, listen to Frank Sinatra-Pandora station while you Pin.  I knowww I know, SUPS random but it just feels so good! 🙂

Happy Fall ya’ll!

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Commentary on life, friends, and general world debauchery


Commentary on life, friends, and general world debauchery

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