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Halloweekend Recap

October 29, 2012

Happy Monday everyone! First off to all my East Coasters-I hope you’re all staying safe and hunkered down from the storm!!! I’m thinking of all of you! Stay inside near heat-snuggle in and watch trashy tv, eat lots of food, and drink wine (it will keep you warm).  The only change in weather here is that the Santa Ana winds have definitely picked up.

Previous to living here my only prior knowledge of the Santa Ana winds was from watching the scene from The Holiday when Jack Black is caught in the winds

…You don’t have to tell me I’m pathetic, I’m already aware.

Anyway, today I woke up bright and early to my rude cell phone alarm  which I then couldn’t find because it had fallen behind my bed #morningfail.  I then contemplated working out for hmm….2 seconds before I hit snooze and woke up 30 minutes later.

Hope you all had a great weekend! It’s weird because even though Halloween is this Wednesday, I feel like it’s already happened! To quote the JoBros via Ryan Seacrest this morning “adult Halloween happened this weekend, kid Halloween is this week.” Touche JoBros, I agree.

Speaking of Halloween…I hope you all had fun this weekend drinking celebrating.  I can see VIA Facebook that a lot of you dressed up and I was loving the costumes…very creative/entertaining/funny/cute/and slutty. They all ran the spectrum.

After I got out of work on Friday my roommate Susan and I made the trek up to Griffith Park to do the Halloween Hayride. I went last year and it was really freaky so I knew we were in for it this year.  I also read that they made it even longer this year and they added a water element…hmm. This made me question the outfit I was wearing.  I have to say, the ride freaked me out. First of all, the characters who dress up as —> insert the scary villain here <—- are ALL SO GOOD! They never break character and they know exactly where to hide.  My biggest scare came right when we were walking in. I was on my phone (obvi) not paying attention and out of NOWHERE came a guy with a CHAIN SAW who jumped right in my face. We both screamed and ran. Like legit SPRINTED away from the guy who followed us for a long time and then gave up.

I’m telling you though, my heart was racing for a longgggg time after that. Touche chainsaw man, touche. We were given ponchos when we got in line and prepared ourselves. (Apologies for the bad quality of pictures. I took them with my iphone and things turned out very orange).

headless pumpkin-headed man playing piano…until his power went out

Handed ponchos…good or bad sign?

Woman in a straight jacket with 20 feet of metal chain wrapped around her.  Spoiler alert: she escaped.

It was actually a really fun time. We just did the hayride but they also had a haunted corn maze but I couldnt summon the courage (or cash) to do it.  LA Locals: I highly recommend it!!!

Saturday was a fun lazy fall day. After a quick trip to Ralphs to gather ingredients before we came back and spent the afternoon cooking delish fall treats and drinking mimosas (what started as a glass or two turned into polishing off 2 bottles of champagne. Success).  I made pumpkin bread pudding, Jinny made cupcakes with a homemade frosting, and Susan made pumpkin brownies.  They were all super good but now we have the leftovers in our fridge. PROBLEM!

Anyway, Saturday night Susan had plans to go to an LA club for a Halloween party! She was going  as a sex-ay cop.  I played hairdresser and curled her hair, WHICH turned out pretty snazzy if I do say so myself.

They were very full and bouncy but they lessened their teenage-irish-dancer style a few minutes later.  I lazed around the apartment for a while and then headed over to my friends Jenne and Rodrigo’s apartment 🙂 It was so much fun hanging out and catching up with them.  FYI-Jenne makes a mean homemade pizza 😉 YUM!

Sunday was a day of rest shopping.  I headed up to the Glendale Galleria who was having CRAZY SALES! I was in mall heaven. After some difficulty meeting up (that mall is HUGE!) Susan and I finally found each other in all the craziness and we hit up LOFT, F21, and The Limited.  I scored these polka dot pants from LOFT and this sweater (but the top is black) on sale with an additional 40% off.  It was at The Limited though where I found my best frugal find: I bought this shirt (another 40% off) and this super cute dress  LOVE IT! The rest of the night I hung out, cleaned, relaxed and watched THE WALKING DEAD! Gahhh each episode just gets better and better 🙂

Anyway, have a happy Monday (if you can) 😉 Hope you all had fun (pre) Halloween weekends!

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Commentary on life, friends, and general world debauchery


Commentary on life, friends, and general world debauchery

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