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About Me

Welcome to Tales from Traca! I decided to start this blog because I felt it was time.  I had a first attempt at a blog through tumblr at Ace in Lace I’m a HUGE social media fanatic and I love reading other people’s blogs so I decided to try my hand at it. Time will tell how it goes…

I’m originally from Maine andwent to a small private college near Boston called Stonehill College.  I graduated in 2010 (two years ago  now ahh!)and began the journey into “adulthood” (whatever that is).  Any recent grad can relate but it’s the strangest feeling…I still feel like I should be back in the dorms-living with all of your closest friends, rolling out of bed 5 minutes before class starts and pre-gaming in the shower on the weekends.

After graduation I made the traditional trek to the nearest city, Boston. There I lived with 2 great friends and went to Boston University for my masters degree in Television Production.  Part of my program led me out to Los Angeles which is where I currently live!

After I moved here I managed to snag a job at E! Entertainment, the epicenter of pop culture which is a BIG passion/hobby/lifestyle for me! LA is definitely a different pace than Maine or Boston but it’s been a little over a year and it’s starting to grow on me.  I am not a profesh writer by any means but I do hope you enjoy this blog about the haps in my life!

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Hello Adams Family

Commentary on life, friends, and general world debauchery

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Commentary on life, friends, and general world debauchery


Commentary on life, friends, and general world debauchery

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