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Friday Favorites

October 26, 2012

Happy Friday Ya’ll! I hope you all have fun plans this weekend! I know I do…

As most of you probs know, this is the weekend when people are celebrating Halloween. Since it’s on a Wednesday this year (LAME), parties and clubs are decking the hallowed halls for scare-fest 2012.  Like any super scatter brained unprepared person, I am still not quite sure what I’m going to be and what my plans are. AWESOME. It’s okay, it’s a good thing I have time to figure it out…wait. Whatevs, I’ll probably spend the weekend doing this anyway…

Well, like any red blooded working American knows, it’s Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday Friday. Before you all enjoy a weekend of ghosts and goblins, here are a few things that have caught my eye over the past week while I’ve been surfing the net until my brain exploded working. Ciao! XO

Favorite bite: Slow cooker spinach and tortellini soup-Can’t wait to try this! Such a great recipe for fall 🙂

Favorite indulgence: Pumpkin Fudge I mean come ON people! So delish looking and very holiday approps.

Favorite outfit: Skirt & Boots Love everything about this

Favorite DIY: Wall Art
Love this!

Favorite room: Window SeatLove this cute sitting area!

Favorite funny: Hollywood Assistants Tumblr
You guys, this gif Tumblr is hilarious. It’s just plain ol’ good humor. I promise, you’ll enjoy it even if  you’ve never been an assistant before, it’s that good. INSIDERS TIP: The girl who created the Tumblr Lauren Bachelis sold the rights to CBS to make it into a 20 Somethings comedy. Look for it in the future!

Favorite hair: Thinking about cutting my hair again…hmmm

Favorite cutie: Don’t you just want to snuggle with this cutie patootie!?

Favorite mantle: I wish I had a fireplace for so MANY reasons. Decorating it for the holidays, snuggling in front of it watching tv, and let’s be real, starring into it being mesmerized by the soft glow.

Favorite must-have: Tory Burch Riding Boots-anyone have an extra $495 dollars they want to give me? 😉

Favorite love pic: Notebook inspired save the dates…how CUTE!?

Favorite place: Rome, Italy. Ahh Rome. I studied abroad here for 5 months and loved. every. SECOND

Have a great and safe faux Halloween weekend! XO

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Commentary on life, friends, and general world debauchery


Commentary on life, friends, and general world debauchery

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