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October 22, 2012

Happy Monday Ya’ll…

Hope you all had a marvelous and relaxing weekend whatever you did! This weekend was pretty relaxed for me, which I’ll take any day!  Friday night was spent relaxing and de-stressing from work.  Wine, yoga pants, and our overflowing DVR was calling my name.

Saturday I dragged my butt to the gym that I spend too much money on and never use where I proceeded to die attempt to get back into “shape.”  And by “shape” I mean be able to fit into my skinny jeans and run away from zombies if need be…(okay, watching a little too much Walking Dead. DID ANYONE ELSE think Herschel was going to be a Walker when he woke up?!?) After I peeled myself off the death machine stair master and reached a normal heart rate again, I went home and got ready for the Pumpkin Festival.  The Pumpkin Festival is held each year at Cal Poly Tech in Pomona.  All of the proceeds go toward the College of Agriculture and the students in the program run the show.

From LA it’s about an hour drive to Pomona and after some stop and go traffic (when is there not in LA, right?) we made it in pretty good time.  I had never been there before but my co-pilot for the day and roommate Jinny had.  We parked at what we thought was the event parking for the festival but ohhhhhh no no kids, we were sadly mistaken.  After following signs for what felt like A THOUSAND MILES-bobbing and weaving throughout their entire campus and bookstore (pretty sure we shouldn’t have been in there) we made it to the pumpkin fields.

I was super surprised how many people were there! The festival ran all day and we showed up around 3:30ishh thinking that it wouldn’t be that packed.  BOYYYY were we mistaken.  Obvi our first stop was the food tents.

I got the Pumpkin Ice Cream-natch. Jinny got homemade mini donuts with cinnamon sprinkled on top (I might have stolen a few).  After having a fall photo shoot taking a few fall pictures, we made our way to pick out our pumpkin friends.

The pumpkin fields were PACKED. Jinny found her pumpkin match right away whereas I had to hunt a little.  That’s okay because I ended up finding the cutest pumpkin with a curly stem…straight out of Cinderella-looking.  Very adorbs.
After picking up a few mini pumpkins for my desk at work (gotta liven up the place somehow!) we packed it in and set out for our Himalayan trek back to our car.

Meanwhile, my other roomie Susan had some family in town all weekend (which I GUESS is an acceptable excuse to bail on the p-fest).  They came over to see our apartment on Sunday morning before we all piled into Susan’s new car and went off to church.  Afterwards, we piled back into Susan’s new car (it’ll be called that for a while…it’s just so PRETTY!) and headed off to lunch in Malibu! After the gorgeous and fairly traffic free drive along the PCH we ended up at Geoffrey‘s. You guys…I can’t EVEN! First of all it was right on the water so it was SOOO gorg. The weather was perfect and the food! DYING. To quote Rachel Zoe it was bananas.
After consuming my body weight in deliciousness, we took a stroll along the Malibu pier before regretfully returning back to la casa.

The weather was perfect on Sunday-very fall-like.  I said goodbye to the Borbely family and did my Sunday errands…grocery store, picking up my room, sadly no laundry-that’s tonight’s chore :(.  I did my Sunday baking-for-work recipe.  This week I chose a Joy The Baker (love her) recipe of Orange Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Pound Cake.  I just put it out at work a few minutes ago and it’s already a hit.

I closed the weekend out with a little Walking Dead, Tumblr stalking, and J.Crew Catalog reading.  All in all, the perfect Sunday night 🙂

I’m linking up with Leeann from Join the Gossip, Sam from Sami’s Shenanigans and Dana from five30three for Weekend Update!

How was your weekends? What did everyone do?

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